We’re Back At It / by David Johns


Well, it’s almost time for Hunchback auditions. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks prepping the script and music, getting paperwork together for auditions and packets, looking over each audition form as they have come in, and I spent about 6 hours copying scripts and music (if you’re cast, you can thank me later.)

While getting ready for a show is work, I am getting excited for this show to start. Having read through the script at least five times in the last two weeks, I have become very familiar the story and the characters, and can’t wait to see who gets to bring these different characters in to existence. While I don’t know the music (yet), Dr. G and others have raved about it, and that makes me eager to hear it come alive with the kind of sound that FMT ensembles can create. Joel and his crew have also already begun construction on the set, and it is going to be INCREDIBLE.

I know that for many, auditions are a stressful time – trying to pick the right song, waiting for your turn to sing, worrying about the allergies that are bothering you, or (my personal big fear) worried that you won't learn the dance sequence well enough. Best advice I can give – take a deep breath, and just be you. The fear doesn’t go away, but don’t let the fear control you or make you shrink away. Regardless of what happens on Friday or Saturday, you are still loved, and that’s the most important thing of all.

See you this week!