CATS Rehearsal - Part One / by David Johns


CATS rehearsals are in full swing now. What an unbelievable cast! We have 50 people, including 9 little kids who make the most adorable kittens. They all sing their hearts out, most of them dance their tails off (yes, pun intended!) and they all work together to create a phenomenal show. If you follow FMT on Facebook, you’ve seen some pictures and videos of what we are working towards. Trust me, this is a show you are going to want to see. I know CATS doesn’t make a lot of sense to some people, but we’re presenting it in a way that ties what can be a disjointed show together. The singing is incredible (just stay away from the sopranos when they get to their high notes), and the dancing is amazing! If that wasn’t enough, the set is being constructed in a way that will make the entire experience more interactive, involving the audience in a way that draws them in to our story.

For me, because this show is all singing and dancing, I don’t have the typical Stage Manager responsibilities during rehearsals – no line notes, no scene changes to map out, no 15 scenes of blocking to write down, etc. While in some ways that may seem boring, for me, it is an opportunity to refine some of the stuff that I don’t always have time to work on in the middle of a rehearsal run. For example, I have cleaned off my SM station backstage, and it has stayed that way for a week now! (If you’ve been part of a show here, you know what an accomplishment that is!) I’ve also had time to work on some paperwork that will be necessary later on in the show, which hopefully will smooth things out when we get closer to opening night. I’m enjoying the slower pace right now, knowing that it’s not going to last, but that we’ll be ready when it picks back up.

In the meantime, give me some ideas. What do you want to read about? What questions can I answer?

Until next time…