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A New Season is Just Around The Bend


While 2020 has been a year of transition for FMT, it has also been a year of unprecedented circumstances and great challenges for people all over the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all of our lives, and has certainly impacted the creative arts industry in a very real way.

Not only was our 2020 Show Season cancelled, but Dr. Sam Germany's family has been dealing with their own personal challenges. While we could have never expected the many twists and turns 2020 would present, we continue to hold on to hope, look to the future, and have great confidence that we will return soon to continue the legacy of providing top quality musical theatre that is powerful, fun, and always guaranteed safe for the entire family.

To celebrate this hope, we have produced a special video which features a number of our FMT family members. It is a medley produced and directed by Dr. Sam Germany, and offers a message of encouragement, hope, and vision for the future of FMT to all who choose to embrace it.

Who Is FMT


Family Music Theatre is a community theatre group committed to our mission of producing top quality musical theatre entertainment that is guaranteed safe for the whole family.

For more than a quarter of a century (27 years), Dr. Samuel Germany Jr. and the FMT Team has been producing epic shows (over 70 total), developing and training performers of all ages, ethnicities, and walks of life, and building a culture of community and love ... the FMT Family.


"My Great Grandchildren have grown up coming to your theatre productions. The oldest is now 21 and she still likes to come with me. We never wanted to miss any of them, because we knew that they would be wonderful. I have always been amazed at such great talent we have in this area. We plan to keep coming to your plays!!"



At FMT, I found my voice. I was challenged to step outside of myself ... to take daring risks and give myself permission to simply "be." I was, and still am to this day, surrounded by a theatre family who supports me no matter what. FMT is all about family and community. Our family loves without thinking twice. It's a place where we are challenged to be better at what we do and to do so with excellence. When I think of FMT, I think of the place where I discovered who I was and where I developed meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime!

Abigail Holmes


"Ranging in age from a baby just months old (a third-generation performer) to people with many decades to their credit, this multi-racial group gave the performance their all and then some. To see so many people being "for" each other was a remarkable experience."

Stacey Upton (The Column)

Who Is Generations





Our fundamental focus is to ENCOURAGE all people to pursue their creative gifts, EDUCATE and train both young and old in the many disciplines associated with the creative and performing arts, EMPOWER people from all walks of life to pursue their God-given talents and abilities, and to ENTERTAIN our communities in the context of a family-friendly environment. 



As we look to the future of Family Music Theatre and the establishing of Generations Institute for the Creative Arts, we invite you to PARTNER WITH US

Although our venue and home base has changed, the original vision of producing top quality entertainment that is always safe for the entire family is still our focus and commitment.

We continue to strive to equip and empower multi-generations of actors, singers, dancers, musicians, artisans, and creatives, so that the power, value, and beauty of the creative arts will continue to bring people from all ages, ethnicities, and walks of life together.

You can be a part of this endeavor. We invite you to join this beautiful family.

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